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Chailey has undertaken commissions large and small, from individuals and large organizations. These include Aston Martin, British Airways, Marconi and Rolls-Royce, The Royal Air Force and The Royal Navy, the Air Squadron, the Moth Club and the Honorable Artillery Club.

He has an enormous bank of experience to draw upon having made over 70 different types of aircraft from vintage to modern. Past projects include a Wright Flyer, Sopwith Camel, a DH2, many Tiger, Gipsy and Hornet Moths, a Fox Moth, a Rapide, various Mk’s of Spitfire, a Tornado, Harrier and Antonov.

Other commissions include model cars, yachts and engines, a replica guitar and microphone, candelabras, rose bowls and a replica pipe organ. Chailey has been commissioned by customers throughout the world to produce items ranging from small personal gifts to presentational pieces for Heads of State.

Careful detailing with precise guidance from drawings and photographs guarantees the capture of each subject’s unique character. Each commission is a one-off.

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